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How to Handle and Replace Your Battery

We have collected our know-hows for optimal DN Automotive battery maintenance.

Handling and Checkup Before and After Opening
  • Check for cracks, damage, and leakage in the battery. When using defective products, it may damage the car’s electric circuit or cause a fire due to short-circuits.

  • Replace with a battery of the same capacity as the one already installed. When using a battery with a different capacity, the internal weld may cause an explosion.

  • Apply a battery that has the same polarity as the car. Otherwise, it may cause cable damage or fire.

  • When moving or handling a battery, wear rubber gloves. It may cause injury when dropped during handling or burn if the electrolyte comes into contact with skin.

  • When installing two batteries in a single car, use two products of the same capacity and manufacturing date. Damage may occur when using different batteries.

How to Replace Your Battery

Check the status of the product status display window (Indicator) from time to time and report the actions according to the indicator status.

  • 01
    Drive your car onto level ground.
  • 02
    Turn off the engine.
  • 03
    Carry your car key. A remote starting car may have an automatic lock function, so keep the windows down.
  • 04
    Open the bonnet. Check the battery.
  • 05
    In consecutive order, separate the cable from the ( - ) the ( - ) terminal, the cable from the ( + ) terminal, and the bottom (or top) board.
  • 06
    Remove the installed battery.
  • 07
    Clean the clamp and cable.
  • 08
    In consecutive order, fix the bottom (or top) board, and connect the ( + )cable with the ( + )terminal, and the ( - )cable with the ( - )terminal.
  • 09
    Start your car to confirm normal function.
* The clock and audio in the car may require resetting after battery replacement.
Caution During Battery Replacement
  • 01
    Batteries must be replaced according to the correct order in a safe manner.
  • 02
    Before changing your battery, make sure to turn off the engine and pull out the key.
  • 03
    When removing the terminal clamp, be careful of short-circuits.
  • 04
    If the battery board and cables are corroded, brush, then install.
  • 05
    Be cautious not to cause short-circuits with tools and such.
  • 06
    The fixed supporting structure and terminal clamp must be tightened to the maximum so that they do not shake.