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We introduce DN Automotive’s technology shown in the best batteries.




  • Improves corrosion resistance & longer life in high temperature
  • Minimizes self-discharge and enhances cold cranking power
  • Uniform grid dimension resulting in smooth electrical flow
  • Full framed round edge grid design offers strong physical strength
  • Internal short circuit protection by applying wide-bridge & strong adhesion of active materials
Method 01

Active Material - Special Additives

Special additives and alloys enhance life of battery by boosting 4BS formation

  • Formation of dense crystals in Active material
  • Delays sulfation and Mudding throughout High Charge-Discharge Cycles
Method 02

Curing Process

Maximizes Life cycle by customizing the curing conditions (temperature, humidity, time, rack type, etc..)

  • 4BS formation 90%↑
  • Enhances adhesion of Active Material
Method 03

Formation Process

Maximizes Life cycle & Minimizes self discharge by customizing formation process (temperature, Soaking time, Current density, acid ratio)

AGM Technology

DN Automotive's AGM battery provides the best power and life performance on vehicles with Start/Stop and Regenerative Braking.

  • Full Framed & Big Size Punched Grid for Positive & Negative

    Both anode and anode use full frame substrates with roll pressing/punching techniques to minimize corrosion/growth of substrates, improve life, and maximize low-temperature starting power through low-resistance structure design and big-size substrates.

  • Special Grid Surface Treatment

    The application of thick substrates improves life, reduces resistance, improves low-temperature starting power, minimizes corrosion/growth of substrates, and improves life.

  • High Purity Material

    The active material was manufactured with high purity lead, and the reduction characteristics were improved by applying a separator made of high purity glass fiber.

  • Safety System

    It is safe to vibrate in any road environment by applying a case of compound reinforced plastic, and it is safe to block the flame from entering the battery by incorporating an explosion-proof filter