DN 오토모티브


We introduce DN Automotive’s technology shown in the best batteries.

Processing Line

We produce the best products with
perfect process designed by top professionals.

  • Step 1

    Lead Oxide

    • Special Barton pot process results in spherically shaped particles of
      lead oxide and having 50% of its weight less than 4.5 microns
  • Step 2

    Strip Rolling

    • Over 90% slab reduction rate
    • Excellent mechanical properties, fine and uniform strip
    • Anti-corrosion alloy
  • Step 3

    Strip Punching

    • Full Framed Grid constrains the active material and provides mechanical strength
    • Reduction of Internal Resistance
  • Step 4


    • Double-sided pasting for minimizing corrosion of grid
    • Strong adhesion between grid and paste
  • Step 5


    • Even plate quality by vertical loading
    • Optimal particle size for battery performance & lifetime
    • Advanced adhesion and cohesion of plate
  • Step 6


    • Plate quantitly & weight measuring system
    • Total inspection for all batteries
  • Step 7


    • Multi-step charging resulting in dynamic charging capability and
      less self-discharge rate
    • Optimized charging temperature management system
  • Step 8

    Finishing Process

    • Electrolyte cooling system &
      Inspection by High Rate Discharge(HRD)
    • Laser marking System & Robot Packaging system
    • Storage in Automatic Warehouse for Shipping