DN 오토모티브


BTS Business of DN Automotive is carving out
a new path in the global market.

Energy move the world &
Professional energy solution provider

A Korean company with global competitiveness
in battery technologies

Since its foundation in 1971 as a plant producing retread tires and tire flaps,
DN Automotive established a VMS Business in 1992 and BTS Business in 1999 positioning itself as a comprehensive automotive parts maker.

In 2011, using the latest technologies and processes, the world class MF battery plant was built with top-notch machines and automated lines,
which secured a foothold to take a leap in the global market. By changing its name to DN Automotive in 2022, we are preparing to make a gradual growth to upgrade
our production capability enabling annual production of 10 million units by 2025.

Strengths of BTS
  • High price competitiveness achieved with automated production lines.

  • A number of customers secured based on sales know-hows earned from extensive experience in automotive industry.

  • Prompt decision-making to adapt to ever-changing needs of customers and market.

  • Market share increased with a fast-follower strategy as a latecomer in the global market by continuously seeking sales channels and developing products, and through benchmarking activities.